Wednesday, September 14, 2005

College Days

Every once in a while I still get a little thrill that I'm a grown-up. It's a little harder with kids these days - no, I can't decide at ten o clock at night that I want a Starbucks since that would require a babysitter (not to mention actual money to buy it with).

I still remember quite well that entire time of being a freshmen on campus, seventeen and on my own. No curfews, no one telling me to eat my vegetables and responsible to no one. The fact that I'm a first-born over-responsible person to begin with kept me in line. I might have partied in college but I also still went to my classes and worked hard. I had an internal drive to do well - okay, to be perfect - but you can imagine how well that went.

The picture I found is from the college I really went to. The building you see is Monroe Hall and I was even pushed into that very fountain by one of my professors. I loved college. It was hard at times (falling for someone who only ever wanted to be my friend) but I look back and see that college is where I first met God. I'm so glad so many Christians decided to come to a secular school and share their faith. It truly changed my life.

So why am I reminiscing about college days? I'm finishing up a proposal for a new fiction series that's set in college. It's been fun to look back but now that 25 pages of it is written, I want to finish the story, discover what happens. But no, I'll clean it up and send it off to my agent and get started on the next proposal, setting aside the characters I've already come to care about.

But hey, maybe someone will want to publish it and I'll get to finish the story:-)