Thursday, February 16, 2006


As a watcher of reality shows -
(I know, I know. I won't even take the time to defend myself)
I often get very discouraged with the Christians that show up on these shows. Instead of being excited to see a Christian representative, I tend to cringe and watch squinting through one eye and I bet you all know why.

Because most of the time Christians get on these shows and act like idiots. No, Christians are not perfect, yada, yada yada, but I'm "not perfect" at home with people who care about me, and that I can personally apologize to when I mess up. I take issue with Christians who go on TV, spout the name of Christ, and then proceed to be the most embarrassing type of ambassadors. Ones that actually make me feel embarrassed FOR God. I know God can handle it and this is just yet another reason why He is God and I am not.

The family edition of the Amazing Race had the Florida team who were constantly talking about God, yet they're saying mean things, being snarky, throwing stuff out of windows, you get the point. They said people din't like them because they were Christians. Not exactly - people didn't like them because they were obnoxious.

But last night - wow! A beautiful black woman named Mandisa came on TV and shined the light of Christ in a beautiful and authentic way. Simon had made a joke about her size during the auditions saying that "we'll need a bigger stage". Well, you will Simon, but not because of the size of her body, but because of the size of her heart. She same into the room where they were doing the final cuts and lovingly told Simon that he hurt her because of what he had said and that she had cried. But that she chooses to forgive him because if her savior Jesus Christ can forgive her of her sins than she can certainly forgive someone else whether or not they said they were sorry.

Simon did, in fact, apologize later, but wow! I was beyond thrilled to see someone walk out Biblical Christianity right there on American Idol. Such humility, such gentleness and such a great witness. Christians get hurt - but we are meant to respond differently than the world. And she did.

So way to go Mandisa - you'll be getting my votes. I'm just glad you've got the voice to be a real contender in the contest.

(Though to be perfectly fair, I have several people I'm keeping an eye on and I've never actually voted on American Idol. I may have to change that this year, but by voting I'm actually admitting to - well - the phone company - that I do in fact watch the show.)