Saturday, February 18, 2006

Of Grandmas and Movies

I just finished watching the movie "In her Shoes". I always love to try to catch these adaptations to see how they move the story to the screen.

But I wasn't prepared for something.

In the movie, the younger sister discovers she has a grandmother that she's never met, then flies down to meet her.

The strange thing is, I have a grandmother I've never met as well.

I don't think about it very much. I never even knew she existed until several years ago partially because I didn't know my dad was adopted until I was in college. He just never mentioned it. Then when I got married, he decided to hire someone to find his biological family. They did and he met them, even found out he has some half siblings.

His father had died years before, but for some reason, my sister and I were never introduced to our grandmother.

Maybe she didn't want to meet us.

My family has serious communication issues sometimes and the subject just never came up. Maybe it was painful for my dad to face or perhaps he felt rejected all over again. Whatever it was, we never met her and now my dad is gone.

I would be the one that would have to pursue it if I'm ever to find anything out.

Sometimes the unknown is a safer reality to live in. But tonight, I'm wondering who this woman is. Does she ever think about me?

Is it a door that should be opened? Or one that should remain closed?

I just don't know...