Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Internet Addiction?

My husband is a therapist and he recently attended a seminar called "Sex, Drugs and Chocolate" which was basically about addictions. Apparently, a new diagnosis is being considered to deal with Internet addictions.
Okay, this is basically what they said:

First these are the terms he used:
"IBD" Internet Behavior Dependence
"PIU" Problematic Internet Use
"SPIU" Specific Pathological Internet Use
"GPIU" General Pathological Internet Use

The only criteria he gave was for the PIU. You need 6 of the following 8:
2)Need for longer amounts of time on-line
3)Repeated attempts to reduce Internet use
4)Withdrawal when reducing Internet use
5)Time management issues
6)Environmental distress
7)Deception around time spent online
8)Mood modification through Internet use

I'm not sure if I really meet criteria but I start browsing and then all of a sudden an hour has gone by and I have gotten nothing accomplished.

I have issues with not getting things accomplished.

Yes, I paid my bills today, cleaned the kitchen, fed the kids and went grocery shopping...but instead of writing I am here, once again (after wasting all sorts of times looking at other people's blogs - do you know how many bizarre blogs there are out there??)

I'm going now...