Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Go Figure!

I've been watching figure skating since I was a little kid. I remember when Kristi Yamaguchi wowed crowds and went on to watch the Tonya-Nancy debacle. I've see Michelle Kwan grow from an awkward little girl to a beautiful woman.

I love everything about it. The artistry, the music, the athleticism.

Last night was the ladies short program. I still don't truly understand the new scoring system, but whether it's 6.0's or numerical scores, the short program still counts a great deal towards winning, and sasha came out in (barely) first place.

All three of the American ladies went out there and gave solid performances. But Sasha Cohen was nearly perfect out there. Sasha has a little diva history - changing coaches, being difficult at times, a flair for the dramatic - but I think that's why I enjoy her so much.

She's got a lot of talent and has always brimmed with potential, but has never been able to quite reach the heights that ice skating fans all know she's capable of. Her career has been filled with near-wins, and she has often played the bridesmaid, just never the bride. It could be her time to shine. But not because anything in the competetion has changed, or even because she's not up against Michelle Kwan - but because she's changed.

She said in a news piece last night that, "If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten." It's a quote (Anthony Robbins) but boy is it ever true.

How many times have we wanted things to be different than they are?

And how often are we willing to make the changes that could effect a real change?

I know that's something I struggle with. I say I want things to be different, but do I do what it takes to change them?

And if I don't - then what does that say about what I really want?

So, tomorrow, I'll be rooting for Sasha - that her newfound maturity will reap real rewards. At a time when the whole nation will be cheering for her.

Maybe that's what I need to change - a cheering section and a fan club....hmmmmm