Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Hearts of Gold & Locks of Love

As I get ready each morning, The Today Show plays in the background as Katie, Matt, Al and Ann smile their way through three hours. Ann has been growing her hair for the past year to donate 10 inches of it to the Locks of Love program. I'm sure you've heard of it. With donated hair, they make wigs for children who have lost theirs due to disease or illness.

It's a wonderful program. So I thought today was the perfect day to share with you that my five year old did this as well. Here she is, long beautiful hair down to her waist - and she had had enough of it. She said she was tired of having to wait for my to braid it all the time. (No amount of trying to prove to her that it never took me more than a couple of minutes to braid it helped. Sigh)

I didn't even want to think about letting her get her hair cut so it took me six months of her asking to agree to it. I realize moms have to let their babies grow up and all of that but she's five!! However, I firmly believe in not power struggling over things like this. If she wants it short, then what would be my reasoning for saying no? My personal preference? Not quite enough to justify it. besides, my mom made me keep mine long for years and when I got it lopped off i went for a perm at the same time. The results were catastrophic.

So back to the program. I thought, well, if I have to go through the agony of watching her get it cut, at least it can go to a good cause! So ten inches got chopped off in one little blond ponytail, and packaged up to send to Locks of Love. She was thrilled. And after discreetly crying my eyes out, I was happy to know that it went to a child who could really appreciate it.

It even inspired her speech teacher to donate her own hair. The Today Show cut lots of hair today as the audience was inspired by Ann's donation. And maybe my daughter's donation will inspire you.

What a cool way to give - don't you think?