Monday, March 06, 2006


Little girls dream - it's just a part of growing up. One of my dreams was to be on stage at the Academy Awards accepting one of those coveted gold men for my mantlepiece. Being an actress was my singular goal for many years. Sometime during college I decided that eating spaghetti-o's in some hole in the wall trying to get to endless auditions isn't what God had for me. Instead He brought me to writing, where I get to become all the characters, and into writing for the movies, where I get to act every part - just not in front of a camera. I'm content with that.

But watching the Oscars always brings backs those old desires and memories. The glamour, the anticipation. It's just so amazing. I watched the Montage Show, oops I mean, The 78th Academy Awards and for a little while got lost in it all. Seriously - is it any wonder it always runs long? How many montages did we have to see? It starts of course with the red-carpet entrances. I thought perhaps that Charlize had grown a second head but upon closer examination it turned out to be The World's Biggest Bow on her shoulder. Naomi Watts looked like her dress had been mauled by King Kong, but for some reason I think it was supposed to look that way. Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams both had plastic smiles and plastic answers for the cameras. I'm wondering if they were pod people sent in their place. I certainly hope they have more personality than that. I loved Will Smith and Jada's interview, real, genuine and made me laugh. Jennifer Garner nearly fell on her tail when she walked out to present - but her super-spy skills saved the day and she stayed upright, with a sweet and self-deprecating comment about it (I do my own stunts). I love it that she made light of it instead of trying to pretend it didn't happen.

Jon Stewart - he had his funny moments, but he seemed a little...I don't know... scared? I kind of felt like I wanted to rescue him.

The awards. Oh yeah, they gave those out as well. Unfortunately I haven't seen many of the nominated films. Just from the clips it looks like Capote was a tough role. He probably deserved it. Reese- well I just love Reese Witherspoon and am so glad she won! She has kids, you know and her daughter is right in between my first two children. Yeah, that doesn't have anything to do with anything.

I also was very aware that the kind of movies I want to write will never make it to the Kodak Theater. But I think I would be pretty happy if they just make it to my local movie theater. Now that would be pretty cool!