Thursday, March 02, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about My Fabulous Husband

1. He does dishes. And cooks. And does laundry. I could stop right there.
2. He plays dress up princess with our daughters. I have the pictures to prove it.
3. He thinks I'm beautiful. And he's cute.
4. He cheers me on when I exercise and ignores it when I eat a doughnut.
5. He likes all the same shows I do.
6. He would go on The Amazing Race with me and be awesome.
7. He is rock steady even when I'm all over the place.
8. He dances. Sort of. But only in the privacy of our kitchen.
9. He makes the kids laugh so hard they shudder with joy.
10. He loves and honors Jesus Christ.
11. He tears up every time we watch Extreme Makeover Home Edition. But don't tell him I told you that!
12. He keeps me from being impulsive. Particularly when it comes to having more children.
13. Did I mention that he's really cute?

I had to give this Thursday thing a try:-)

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