Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Thirteen Things about

Thirteen Things about Becoming a Writer

1. Lots of work, with very little pay.
2. The ability to have a broadband cable connection and make it a tax write-off.
3. The chance to make pretend people do what you want them to do...unlike the real people in your everyday life.
4. Getting random letters from people who say your books helped change their lives.
5. Getting random letters from people who say your books are terrible. (I haven't actually gotten one of these but I got some bad reviews on Amazon - same thing:-)
6. Walking in a bookstore and re-arranging the bookshelves so all your friend's books face out.
7. Being able to surf the Internet and call it "research".
8. Being able to buy books and spend time reading them and call it "research".
9. Writer's Conferences! A little piece of heaven on earth.
10. Getting used to rejection - my pity party time has gone from three days to about thirty minutes. Not bad.
11. Developing the fruit of patience. Because everything takes absolutely forever!
12. The glazed-over look of your non-writer friends when you begin to discuss your WIP, POV or current H & H.
13. Spending twice as much as you earn for the chance to do something you love...priceless!!

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