Friday, June 22, 2007

Bad Blogger!

It's been so long! I haven't quite figured out how to live my life this summer. What I mean is, these three kids of mine...own me. They have so much going on that there are days I don't even come home.

Commitment # 1
My eldest daughter was in her first play production last week. I was thrilled for her but since it is Christian Youth Theater it also meant that Mommy had to be involved as well. I got put on the "make-up committee". The play was The Jungle Book so just imagine how much make-up that involved. Four hours to apply all the make-up each time and that was with six to eight of us working on it. It was a cool experience but the days were very long with dress rehearsals and six shows. I was so wiped out by the end of it that I ended up sick for three days after that.

The Upside: I am now an expert at turning any child into a wolf, peacock, monkey or bird. Not sure how I can translate that new skill into anything productive...

Commitment # 2
Swim team. It's our first year joining a swim team and oh. my. I had no idea how much work it would be...for me! It was my choice to get them involved because my oldest two are pretty good in the water, but they are still learning correct strokes and all of that. I also wanted them to build some endurance in the water. Swimming is one of those non-negotiable things for me as a mom. I want all of my kids to be very competant swimmers. So swim team seemed like a great idea. Except swim practices (because each kid is in a different age bracket) take up most of my morning. And then even after practice they still want to play at the pool, so I try to find time to let them just enjoy the water - which means a second trip to the pool.

The Upside: My kids are getting to be better swimmers. There is a baby pool for the four year old. And the pool has umbrellas so I can sit in the shade.

So seriously, I'm hardly home anymore - that makes blogging (and practically everything else) ...difficult. Now that the play is over (Hallejulah!), things are starting to settle down a little bit. But now I'm backlogged on laundry and cleaning and all those other little mommy details.

On the docket for tomorrow (despite the aforementioned laundry and cleaning)? Evan Almighty. I'll let you know how it is when I return!