Monday, December 08, 2008

The David Cook Story

So everyone is asking - how did this happen? So here is the simple story. We happened to be at Disney World on Friday when they were filming some segments of the Christmas Day Parade. David Cook performed "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" and we watched him sing it three times but really only saw the back of his head because of the way the crowds were arranged. (BTW - I have whole different viewpoint of that parade now that I've seen how staged it is.) Anyhow, after David Cook left, we waited around for the parade part but they filmed the opposite side of the street we were on and the kids just got bored waiting around.

So we went in search of popcorn for my eight year old and then went to go join my hubby and our little one in line to meet Tinkerbell, but on the way there we saw that they were filming an interview in the grass near the castle. We stopped to watch and a small crowd gathered as well. The girls waved and waved and he looked over and waved back, while laughing good-naturedly about how long they had been waving at him. They took a break from filming and when he did, David walked over to some of the crowd, but not where we were. I knew if I left my spot, we'd never make it over to him anyway so we just stayed and watched. Someone on the crew, his manager? someone from Disney?, I'm not sure, looked over at us and I shrugged saying that we'd never make it over there. He said, "Hold on a minute. I'll get him for you." So he goes over and asks David to come say hi to go my girls. And then he just walks over and chats with both of them and offers to get a picture. I only had my iPhone with me but it came out pretty good:-) I got the whole thing on film as well - maybe I'll upload it as soon as I figure out how.

But it was SO fun for them. They've never met a celebrity and since they watched every episode of American Idol and voted for both David's throughout the competition - they were over the moon excited. They still get swoony when they talk about it. Of course, I totally forgot to ask if I could get a picture with him, too!

So a big shout out to David Cook for being so kind and gracious and for absolutely making their day. 

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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Twittering Away

We just returned from Disney World and Im still trying to get unpacked. Some time away, even if it was walking who knows how many miles around Disney World was needed. There's a Broadway song called, "Stop the World I want to get off." I don't want the world to stop, but a pause button might be nice once in a while. The trip felt a bit like a pause, a break from the reality of the routine of life. It was nice.

All that to say that I'll try to post here more often, and you can always find out what I'm up to at Twitter - SarahSumpolec is my handle there. I find Twitter fun because it's so short - and I can do it from my phone! That tells you how often I'm out and about:-)

So assuming anyone is still reading this thing from time to time, I'm back:-)