Thursday, February 28, 2008

New Computer - Yeah! Moving Files - Boo!

I have now spent most of the week trying to get my new computer and my old computer to cooperate with each other. I'm afraid it's not going very well. Well, that's an understatement. I think the relationship is doomed. They are not even on speaking terms and I'm afraid I'm going to have to quarantine them from each other, lest the new computer learn any bad behaviors from the old computer.

My new computer is a Mac, and I must admit, I have sat at my desk and just looked at the prettiness of it. It's my third Mac product. First came my Baby MacBook - which is still just as cute as ever. Then came the iPhone. Ahhh, what can I say except - I heart my iPhone. It's fabulous map feature has gotten me where I need to go more times than I can count. (I get lost regularly. I can't help it.) Now, I finally have a sleek new (well, honestly it's a refurb - I had to cut costs somewhere) iMac. 

But even though I love my new Mac, I still haven't quite gotten the hang of some things. It's a bit more of a learning curve now that this is supposed to be my primary computer. Little things (like how in the heck do I get it to autofill my e-mail address) to major things (like getting Time Machine to work) are still giving me some problems. 

I know it will be worth it.
I know it will be worth it.
I know it will be worth it.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Bad Blogger Redux

Yes, I've been MIA again. Really, I haven't gone anywhere but somehow my life still seems to slip by too fast. It's these kids I tell ya'! Not really, of course. I love staying busy with them and helping out with their activities watching them experience new things. The truth is, I've been kind of bummed about the whole publishing experience lately and it hasn't made me feel very...inspired.

Sometimes God just says no.

With no explanation.

And frankly, it hasn't been very easy to hear this time around.

Still, even with everything that hasn't been happening in my writing career, I did manage to finish a novel in January. A novel that I really, really love. A novel that, if I'm fair, might not have gotten written if I hadn't gotten so many "No, thank you's" last year. And I suppose that's a positive thing. At least that's the way I'm gonna try to look at.

But right now I'm in that spot of asking, "Okay, Lord, then what next?" and I simply don't have an answer at the moment. So after talking with my hubby, I'm going to take a small break. This month is going to be pretty intense since I am working with the Christian Youth Theater on their production of Wizard of Oz and as Assistant Director - I will be there nearly every waking hour. It will be a fabulous show and maybe by the time it's over, I'll know which direction God wants me to head next.

And maybe I'll even have a bit more time for blogging:-)