Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fever Interruptus

I've been sick. Plain and simple. And it's annoying to get sick when you finally have some momentum. Since I've started trying to do The 30 Day Shred I've gotten two migraines and some sort of flu thing. I've had a fever off and on since Sunday...

My energy level amounts to moving from one room to the other. In other words, walking push-ups are out of the question at the moment.

But here's to hoping to recovery...soon...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Helping in Haiti

I went to Haiti during college, so my heart is greatly saddened by the news of the earthquake - such devastation in an already suffering country. If you feel led to give to the disaster efforts, allow me to provide a few links to do so:

The Salvation Army where you can give to their relief efforts. The Salvation Army isn't as vocal about their ongoing efforts, but they provide necessary relief, in the name of Christ.

and Stars of Hope - if you give here be sure to specify your gift to go to The Love of Jesus Children's Home or for Haiti Earthquake Relief.

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Monday, January 11, 2010

30 Day Shred (AKA When Migraines Derail You)

I get migraines.

I still remember getting my first migraine at 16 and wondering if perhaps I was going blind right there in Sweet Eileen's Cafe. The spots in my eyes came on suddenly and were so bad that I couldn't actually see the register. A pastor who came by every morning for coffee was there when it happened and he walked me back to my boarding house so that I could lay down.

Then the headache came. The kind of blinding pain that makes you wonder if death would be easier. A few days later I recovered, but the migraines have been a very unpleasant part of my life ever since.

When you suffer from migraines, you get a lot of unsolicited advice. Trust me. I've heard it all. I've tried it all. I've gotten prayed for more times that I care to count. I've gotten rid of stuff that triggers them (like aspartame). I went to a chiropractor for long periods (until I just couldn't afford to go anymore and was still getting them). I've tried preventative medicine (my hands went numb - I'm hyper sensitive to meds). I've begged and pleaded with God.

There are times that I go weeks, even months, between them. And then other times where I get them more frequently. Mine, at least sometimes, appear to be related to the girl-cycle. Yeah, not much I can do about that. Sometimes I'll get them because of the glare outside. Only so much you can do about that. And sometimes, there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason at all.

I got a migraine Christmas Eve, and then last Thursday, I got another one. And it was a doozy. Friday was a total blur. Saturday my little one had a cheerleading competition. Ever been to one of those? Yeah. Lots of loud music and pulsating lights. Not really a good place for someone still recovering from a migraine. Admittedly, that probably set me back a bit. It wasn't until Sunday that I started to feel better.

And it wasn't until today that I actually thought about getting back to Jillian. While I realize that there was nothing I could do about the sequence of events that precluded me from working out - I still felt - defeated. Like I had failed in some way. Instead of giving myself permission to heal, I felt guilty for not doing what I had committed to do.

It's ridiculous really. And I realize I've let this type of thing completely derail me before. You get some momentum, and then something happens. Then time passes and you never quite get back on the tracks again. But as I thought about this today, I realized that I don't have to let this derail me. It was more like a pit stop. I had to pull over to get some rest and recover but I can get right back into the race. I could choose to have a different mindset about it. I could choose to get back into the race.

So today was Level 2/Day 4. I knew that it would be hard after several days off. But I get through it. And I must say, even though the planks still are pure torture and that second cardio sequence is killer, it's awfully nice to be back in the race...


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Thursday, January 07, 2010

30 Day Shred (AKA It doesn't seem to get easier)

Completed Level 2/Day 3 just now and I haven't yet been able to add in cardio after this one. It's a tough workout. I think the second cardio circuit does me in and I never quite catch my breath after that. I can tell I'm taking less breaks - but I'm still taking them. I think Jack Bauer could easily add "planks" to his repertoire of torture.

But today was probably the hardest in terms of getting myself to workout. I learned my lesson last week when I took two days off in a row - so because I didn't manage to squeeze in a workout yesterday, I had to get it in today. I just wasn't feeling well, was tired, and just didn't want to be bothered.

Step 1 - I went and just got into the workout clothes.

By the time I do that, I may not be eager and excited to workout, but I am at least willing to tough it out. So again, yes, it's physically a tough workout - but the mental battle is SO much tougher.

My hope is in you Lord
My strength is in you Lord.

And now that the workout is done, I can go relax with my family instead of my workout hanging over my head.

Would all of this be easier if I understood why He's asked me to do this? I don't know. "It is better to obey God rather than man." this is not the first time, nor will it be the last time that God has asked me to do something without giving any further explanation other than "Obey." He is my Father, I am the daughter. He is the potter, I am the clay. Who am I to wonder why?

So while this whole thing - the food, the exercise - was once something that I played with like an occasional toy, it has become a mandate. One that I unfortunately ignored for a while (SO grateful for His mercy). That still, small voice - when He asks us to do something difficult, we are so much more likely to ignore it. But if we belong to Him, he'll keep whispering, keep wooing until we fall on our knees undone before him.

I am undone.
I am His.
So leaning on his strength, I'll obey...

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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

30 Day Shred (AKA Yes, Jillian, My heart is gurgling in my throat)

So I started with Level 2 - Day 1 yesterday and finished Day 2 today.

Let's just say I think my muscles are on strike and I'm pretty sure it brought me to tears but couldn't tell for sure because of the copious amounts of sweat. Yes, Level 2 is a butt-kicker.

I did a progress check to see where I was at after 10 days - I did have some small losses in terms of inches and about two pounds. Wasn't really thrilled or motivated by that unfortunately (simply because of the sheer effort required).

So once again, I have to remember that this isn't about the results, it's about following God. My eating is in good shape. I am working out. That's all I can do. I have found that the short term goal that the 30 day Shred offers has been nice, so that has been another lesson in this. Working out in this indefinite perpetual way doesn't work for me. I need a short-term goal. Right now - that goal is surviving the 30 Day Shred.

I'm thinking the next goal needs to be training for a 5K. I can't believe I actually wrote those words. You know how some things you "want" to do are the very things that terrify you the most. Yeah. that's about where I am at with the 5K. There's a local 5K race on June 13 that seems far enough away to be possible, yet close enough to have to work for.

Is God asking me to do it? I'm pretty sure the answer to that is yes.
Can I do it? With God all things are possible - however - still struggling with this one..

Cn a leopard change it's spots?
That is the question.

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Saturday, January 02, 2010

30 Day Shred (AKA Don't take 2 days off)

I completed Day 8 on Dec 30 (and since that was my birthday I was extra happy I still got that workout in. But today I had to really force myself to do Level 1/day 9 of the Shred today because I bailed on the 31st and 1st. One day off can be refreshing. Two days off is dangerous. It's just too easy to stay on that road of "not doing it".

Lesson 1 - Get it done early! I probably could have done my workout yesterday if I had completed it when I first got up. Because I didn't, and the day was busy, I was just too mentally exhausted to get in gear to do it later.

Lesson 2 - Keep focused. Anytime my focus drifts, it gets too easy to forget why it's important. It's sort of just like needing to focus on God each and every morning - so that our gaze doesn't drift to meaningless pursuits.

Lesson 3 - It's easier to stick with it than pick it back up. Working out today was tough despite it being my ninth time through. Those two days off weren't wise.

So tomorrow is Day 10 - Level 2 looms on Monday...I'm afraid to watch it. I don't even want to know what I'm in for:-)

Happy New Year!!