Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Spring in the Winter

The weather is a bit confusing around here this year. In December, it was raining one morning and then it all very quickly turned to ice. Me - well, I cracked my head on our concrete stairs when I walked outside. I thought it was just rain - I had no idea it was ice! We've even had a couple days of flurries. And today, January 8th mind you, it is seventy degrees outside. I'm going to pack a lunch and take my preschooler to the park just to get her out in this beautiful weather. (I'm trying not to think about how far behind I am on my word count!)

In certain parts of the country, seventy degrees in January is pretty normal. But not around here. I'm in Virginia, where January weather is cold and usually icy, sometimes snowy. It's just bizarre.

But as I've been heading into this new year, I have been asking God for guidance and wisdom. And just like the weather has surprised me - warmth in the winter - God can surprise us as well. It seems to me that when we fight and struggle to get out of a pit, we can end up more stuck, when all God wants to do is reach down and pull us out. I feel like he's reached down, and offered me grace. He's given me peace, where I have felt nothing but anxiety. I shouldn't be surprised by God but I still am. I still get amazed at how much he loves us, and to what lengths he will go to to draw us ever closer to his heart.

So on this amazing day, be amazed by God. He's totally worth it.